Chalizya Primary School, Malawi

Chalizya Primary School, Chimbiya

Services provided: Charity support

Since 2017 we have been involved with St Peter’s Malawi Education Trust, an Exeter-based charity striving to improve opportunities for education in a village in central Malawi. St Peter’s School in Exeter have built a long-standing relationship with the community in Mtunthama and from that has evolved plans to help re-build their dilapidated and cramped primary school in Chimbiya. The Trust was established to enable wider works across the community and facilitate more hands-on development than can be achieved in the school visits alone.

Education is the Key 2018

The current campaign has been focused on raising £36,000 to allow a build-team to visit in Easter 2018 to construct ‘seven classrooms in seven days’. These replace two collapsing shelters and add to the four rooms built in 2011. There have been enormous fundraising efforts that have now successfully raised this amount in advance of the visit and will allow the works to proceed as planned. We are pleased to have been involved by lending our support to events as well as running our own Devon Coast to Coast event in Sept 2017 (see here). We also created 3D images for the charity’s use in promotional work and fundraising.

In March we are all joining the building team on a three-week visit to include a week-long build programme. This is a marvellous opportunity for us to get involved ‘hands-on’ and to get to know the community we are supporting. If you would like to support the charity or find further information please see the links below.

Donations accepted through here.

More information on the Education is the Key 2018 campaign here.

Charity website here.

Video of the proposed school building here.

Our video of our Coast to Coast run here.