Site news

There has been much progress on several of our projects recently. One modest extension in Exeter, where Foxfords Construction are doing an excellent job, approaches completion. Two other domestic projects, one an extension and one an internal re-modelling, commence on site directly managed by the client from our design drawings. In Sidmouth our total refurbishment and extension of a 1950s chalet-bungalow has commenced in earnest with much of the demolition work has taken place in the first two weeks of a five month project. The works extend the house to the rear and the front, for which careful negotiation was required with the Planners as the site is in a Conservation Area. There is widespread re-modelling of the ground floor layout as well as opening up the first floor to form a large master bedroom / dressing room / en-suite arrangement. Throughout the house, new electrics and heating is being installed together with loads of insulation, new windows, and air-tightness measures to help improve the energy performance of the building. The photos are testament to the old adage, you’ve got to break a few eggs to make an omelette…. anyone for a turquoise cast-iron bath suite?